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A simple investing system that will help you to realize consistent profits in the stock market

To qualify for The Laser Pre-Launch, you must:

  • Have at least $500 that you agree to invest in the stock market

  • Agree to download and use The Laser mobile app for a one-time payment of $97

  • Complete a 90 minute training on The Laser system (live and recorded options available)

  • Agree to give a testimonial when you make money using The Laser

If approved for The Laser Pre-Launch, you’ll get:

  • Full access to The Laser mobile app during the Pre-Launch phase at only $197 one-time payment (normally $997 Upfront fee + $97/mo thereafter)

  • Free weekly strategy training and run down of the best stocks of the week

  • If you decide you want to continue using The Laser after the Pre-Launch phase, you’ll get 50% off the upfront fee (normally $997)

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The Laser is a stock market investment system that uses an advanced algorithm to:
  • Find the very best stocks each week so you don’t have to go searching among 8,000+ stocks to find the best buying/selling opportunities.
  • Provide buy and sell signals to take out the guess work. You’ll know exactly what move to make.
  • Give you the EXACT price to buy and sell any stock. Despite what you may have heard, you CAN time the market!
  • Provide you with an exact price for your protective stop. The Laser shows you how to make maximum profits, reduce losses, and invest safely.
It’s named the Laser because accuracy is what it does best! We have yet to find a system or portfolio manager that can beat The Laser. In 2021, we published The Laser portfolio every week throughout the entire year. Check out the proof showing the average trade had a 60.93% profit in just 80 days. Gain confidence knowing that you’ll never miss a big move in the market again. And, if the market momentum shifts, you’ll know immediately to get out of your position. Lock in profits. Once you start your free trial of The Laser, check out the Laser 100. This is where we list the top 100 performing stocks, following The Laser’s signals, over the past 12 months.
Getting started in the stock market doesn’t have to be scary or confusing. Build your confidence. Everything is at your fingertips mobile phone. No drawn out courses. Straight forward. The Laser reduces the learning curve by giving you a simple system for investing that has been proven to be the most profitable system on the market. See the proof for yourself.