Welcome to Stock Timing Tech’s Educational Blog!  Within this blog we will do our best to keep you abreast of market moves, updates, signals and timing parameters.  We utilize an exact method to our madness.  Exact prices, exact buy and sell signals generated.  Our signals will never miss a major move in the markets.  Although we have opinions, we set them to the side so that we are able to remove emotions from our trading.  Embracing our emotions is the quickest way to lose money in the markets.  It’s never easy to have a trade go against us.  But provided we are in solid companies with positive uptrends, trust the process.  Just look at previous signals to increase your confidence in the system.  I’m not a surfer, but catching a trend I can imagine is a similar experience to catching the perfect wave.  It’s easy, effortless somewhat nirvana.  But missing your wave, hitting the coral reef hurts and can leave scars.  Similar to trading.  But we don’t surf for the crashes, we surf for the perfect wave.  And when we catch it, it makes all of the bumps and bruises disappear as if they never even happened.  Trust the process.  We’ll see you on the beach and share stories of how we all got there.