• Have you ever bought a stock that’s been trending up for weeks or months, and then as soon as you purchase it, it tanks?

  • Do you second guess yourself on when the best time is to buy or sell a stock?

  • Are you gun shy about purchasing another stock because you don’t want to get burned again?

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About the training

Many people believe that it’s not possible to time the market. And if you’ve ever tried, you probably believe that too!

You hear on the news about some company that is doing great. All the analysts say the company is poised for growth. Even Kramer says it’s the next big winner. The price continues to climb week after week. Looks like a sure thing!

So, you buy it! And you’re pumped!

But not long after you purchase it, the price drops. It starts to take a nosedive. You get that sick feeling in your stomach and you think to yourself….WTF!!!

You decide you’re going to stick it out. Wait until it climbs back up so you can at least break even.

But it just continues to drop.

Feeling defeated, you start to wonder if you should just stop trying to make money in the stock market.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone — 80% of retail investors are UNPROFITABLE!

So what are the 20% who are profitable doing differently?

Stock Timing Tech has developed a proprietary algorithm that can accurately time the optimal time to enter and/or exit a trade….Telling you the exact price to the penny! Check out our weekly analysis where we posted weekly reports throughout 2021 to provide complete transparency showing how our signals produced a 107% annual return!

Join us for a free training where we’ll show you how you CAN time the market!

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  • A proven system that tells you the exact time to buy/sell a stock
  • The 11 Rules of Investing to become more profitable in the stock market
  • How to get out of losing trades quickly and replace them with winning trades
  • How to stop losing money and start banking serious profits in the stock market

About Stock Timing Tech

Stock Timing Tech’s propriety algorithm provides EXACT buy and sell signals for stock market investors. Our education and technology helps you invest with confidence and consistency so that you can minimize your losses and maximize your gains.

Scott McBrien

After being inspired by the original movie “Wall Street”, Scott started learning about the stock market back in 1991, reading every book he could find about the markets. He studied thousands of charts, technical analysis, and intermarket technical analysis putting to work his knowledge, trading for his own accounts.

Scott went on to take and pass the Security and Exchange Commision Series 7, 63 and 3 exams. He went on to work for Chatfield Dean Investment Bankers in Atlanta where he was recognized for opening more new accounts than any other rookie with the firm. Scott then moved to Chicago working for a private investor, as head of trading, where he traded various futures contracts off the floor, doubling the account size in profits within 9 months.

While trading off the floor, Scott developed a rudimentary trading system that produced consistent profits. Throughout the years, he refined and developed an algorithm that is conservative, yet accurate and produces predictable, profitable results.

He even earned the nickname of “The prophet” because it seemed as if every market move he suggested came to be reality.

The results of the algorithm Scott developed, now more commonly known as “The Laser”, were so spectacular that In 2020, Scott launched Stock Timing Tech LLC. In 2021, Scott proposed a challenge for his system and chose to make public the results of the Laser each week and published them on his website, StockTimingTech.com. Each week he published a 100 page report called The 45 Degree Weekly Stock Report. Within the report, he provided a weekly market summary, a summary of which stocks to buy, which stocks to sell and at the exact price to do so. After 300+ trades, the end results were astounding. The Laser experienced a 1697.88% return based on the number of days in the trade or an overall 107.53% annualized return.

Cindy Eagar

Cindy leads marketing and operations at Stock Timing Tech, responsible for growing new customer acquisition, designing a premium customer experience, and bolstering customer retention.

With an extensive track record, Cindy is an expert in growing top line revenue and customer base.

Cindy served for 10 years as a senior leader at a SaaS start-up, Infusionsoft (now rebranded to “Keap”) where she led the marketing and sales. She designed and executed the strategies that grew the company from $10M to $100M+ in annual revenue by building a network of 2,500 global partners who would resell and support customer retention. During her tenure, the company was the dominant technology product in its category, winning best-in-class awards from Capterra and G2, as well as receiving funding from top VC firms like Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital.

Cindy then moved on to start her consulting business, Partner Up, to help tech companies develop their marketing strategy and establish partnerships that would enable them to grow their customer base and revenue exponentially. Some of the companies who hired her consulting firm were Zapier, Frontline Systems, and Trainual.

Cindy was one of the first customers to invest in The Laser. Knowing nothing about how to invest in the stock market, but interested to learn, she was able to get started and turn her first profit within her first two weeks of investing.